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The Microem Produtos Médicos Ltda


is a renowned medical device industry, founded in 1984 by its current Director of Production, being the pioneer to develop and manufacture the Fetal Detector in Brazil. Even in its beginning was made a society that resulted in a history of great success.

It is located in Ribeirao Preto, interior of São Paulo, an area of 2700 square meters. Currently has around 2400 outlets spread throughout the country (Ribeirão Preto was declared recently as technological hub of the State of São Paulo).

Our products


are manufactured with technology developed internally and through partnerships with universities and institutes of technology, accompanied by strict quality standards, GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices, which is inspected annually by ANVISA - National Health Surveillance. (ANVISA – Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária).

The Microem Produtos Médicos Ltda


is a medical device industry and hospital products, focusing on the area of gynecology / obstetrics, urology, cardiovascular, cardiology, dermatology, plastic surgery, oto / ophthalmology, veterinary and other products for the medical field. Comprised of talented employees carefully selected for reliability, safety and comfort for our customers.

We hold these foundation


a growth of our quality policy, which covers the main points in the manufacturing of our products and services. This policy is commitment to quality, continuous increase of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement through compliance and adjustment to business needs with quality and timeliness of services provided, and the latter, linked directly to our partners and suppliers that go through a thorough audit to provide us with products and services, extreme reliability and punctuality.

With strong trends of growth and distribution for the foreign market, we are present in several hospitals, medical clinics and veterinary clinics in over 30 countries. The scope of the market mentioned is in constant growth due to the credibility given to us and the confidence that external clients give us to adopt a micro Medical Products Ltda. as a partner.

Recently, after a rigorous selection process, Philips Medical Systems Ltd. has finalized a partnership, with exclusivity for micro Medical Products Ltd. for marketing throughout the country its line of ultrasound in the following specialties: obstetrics, gynecology, urology, and veterinary medicine.




Certificado de Qualidade

Certificado de Boas Práticas de Fabricação e Controle de Produtos para Saúde

Clique na imagem abaixo e veja a publicação no Diário Oficial da União de 17 de maio de 2010.

Visualize a publicação da Microem na página 88.



The Microem Produtos Médicos Ltda participating in the project EMHO APL.

The Project Development of Local Productive Arrangement (APL) of the Manufacturers of Medical, Dental and Hospital (EMHO) in Ribeirão Preto is an action in partnership between the institutions: SEBRAE-SP, Fipas, City of Ribeirão Preto, SENAI, CIESP FIESP, ABIMO, ABDI and SEBRAE. This project aims to channel efforts to train, qualify and strengthen the sector EMHO of Ribeirão Preto, seeking sustainable economic development of the municipality.